By Anna Claybourne

ISBN-10: 1408124203

ISBN-13: 9781408124208

Packed packed with examples of the main disgusting and repulsive issues at the planet.

The revolting and engaging publication is packed to the brim with disgusting, gross, and repulsive issues bound to entice readers of every age. The content material is split right into a diversity of different types, from offensive animals, vegetation, and different creatures to meals, innovations, and naturally, a variety of revolting human physique bits comparable to snot, scabs, and earwax. each one web page has a Yuck issue score and outline, in addition to pictures and illustrations. Sidebars contain additional gross info and tips.

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DiD you know? if clothes or other objects are sprayed by a skunk, itÕ s pretty much impossible to wash the smell out. dIsgustIng nature 37 hiPPoPotaMus Maybe you think of a hippo as an innocent, lumbering beast. Not pretty, but not all that disgusting, either. Well, you’re wrong. Hippos have so many disgusting habits, it’s hard to know where to begin! hiPPo halitosis First of all, hippos are famous for their terrible breath. Like cows, they munch huge amounts of grass, which ferments in their stomachs and gives off smelly gases.

It lies still, with its Don’t eat me! I’m really not very well. In fact, I’m starting to rot! DiD you know? opossums can eat several species of poisonous snakes. the poison does not affect them. tongue dangling out, and does a poo (as this often happens when animals die). Yuck! anD not eVen fresh! Last of all, the opossum releases a horrible-smelling, greenish slime from its anal glands (two small organs on its rear end). This smells like rotting meat, so that the opossum seems as if it’s been dead for several days.

TieD uP in Knots Another strange thing the hagfish can do is tie itself into a knot. It can slide the knot up and down its body. It does this to pull itself out of a dead animal or out of a predator’s grip. It can use the same trick to clear old slime off itself, too. yuCk faCtor! often Scientists and fishermen st mo the sh gfi call the ha sea. the in re atu disgusting cre ! ing olt rev ly It’s tru dIsgustIng nature 31 Blobfishes are occasionally dragged up from the deep oceans by trawling nets.

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