By Helen Otway

ISBN-10: 0572033958

ISBN-13: 9780572033958

Comic strip duo make interpreting a voyage via gruesomeness - extra fascinating than the common reference book.*Gruesome proof are well known on radio, television and in publication format.*Appeals to oldsters because it encourages little ones to widen their reading.*Children will get pleasure from telling family and friends approximately their studying.

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The Burnt Food Museum in Arlington, Massachusetts, showcases black, charred food. The museum had to close down temporarily… due to fire damage! Gruesome Food Facts The fatass ant – guess what it looks like – has been a traditional Columbian food for hundreds of years and is often given as a wedding gift. Only the queen ants are edible and harvesting them is a painful business. qxd 28/6/07 12:27 pm Page 44 44 1001 Gruesome Facts Tiny, fiery hot chillies used in Thai cooking are known as phrik khii nuu – mouse-dropping chillies.

Asafoetida is a stinky spice that comes from plant sap and is also known as devil’s dung or devil’s dirt. It smells revolting as a powder but tastes delicious when cooked. A traditional way to make African amasi (soured milk) was to leave unpasteurized milk out in the sun to fester for a couple of days! Fried-brain sandwiches are a popular snack in some parts of the US. Dark green-brown grass jelly is used in desserts and drinks in China and Southeast Asia. It really is jelly with grass in it. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 61 61 Stinging nettles are a nutritious food and a little steaming gets rid of the sting.

As tropical fruits, they react badly to cold temperatures by going black and squishy. Mad honey intoxication is caused by eating honey made from rhododendron nectar. Symptoms include vomiting, excessive salivating and sweating, and tingling around the mouth. Gruesome Food Facts Anticuchos are South American goat heart or cow heart kebabs. A hearty meal on a stick. A British chef was bitten by a highly venomous Brazilian wandering spider that had been hiding in bananas in his kitchen. He was quick-thinking enough to photograph the spider on his phone so that he could get the right treatment.

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