By Helen Otway

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Qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 58 58 1001 Gruesome Facts Natural sausage casings are made from animal intestines. The monks who originally created the cheese used to pound it with their bare feet! A family in Virginia opened their box of fried chicken to find a whole battered chicken’s head inside! A Florida jogger survived for four days on swamp water and leaves when he was trapped waist-deep in mud after taking a shortcut while out running. The farmer helpfully says that the meat ‘tastes like crocodile’.

Gelatine (also known as E441) is made by boiling up animal skin, cartilage and bone for hours on end. It is added to a range of foods such as gummy sweets and jelly. New York Times journalist William Buehler Seabrook obtained a chunk of fresh human meat from a hospital so that he could cook and eat it for research. He said it tasted like veal. Pets-de-nonne (nun’s farts) are delicate Canadian cinnamon rolls. Nuns don’t fart, surely? Red whelks can sometimes be mistaken for edible whelks, but their saliva is highly toxic.

Three million of your red blood cells die each second! Luckily, your body is replacing them just as quickly – one drop of your blood contains five million red blood cells. A blister contains lymph and other body fluids. This is what makes them squidgy and tempting to pop! qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 35 35 Joseph Merrick, known as ‘The Elephant Man’, suffered from a rare condition called Proteus syndrome, which causes disfiguring skin and bone growths. When he had an x-ray six days later, it showed a second 10 centimetre (4 inch) nail embedded in his skull!

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