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R u b the glass vigorously with a silk cloth. After a while the dolls will come u p a n d t o u c h the glass. T h e n they get the same c h a r g e as the glass (positive) a n d are repelled. They may start dancing u p and down. Each time they come u p a n d touch the glass they get charged and each time they go down they lose their charge and are pulled back u p again. 11. Tou have read that the positive electric charges attract the negative charge. This experiment will help you see it hap- pen.

Are big magnets stronger than little magnets? Collect several magnets of different sizes. Have ready a large pile of paper clips. Use two of the magnets, one larger t h a n t h e other. F i n d out how m a n y p a p e r clips each of them will pick up. Do this over again with two other magnets. You will need to do this many times with different c o m b i n a t i o n s of m a g n e t s — a l w a y s one bigger t h a n the other. You are almost sure to have discovered that some of the smaller magnets are just as strong or stronger t h a n t h e bigger ones.

You will notice that there is an N on one end and an S on the other end of each of them. Lay one of the bar magnets on the table. Bring slowly the S pole of the other magnet up to S pole of the magnet on the table. Notice what happens. Turn the magnet in your h a n d a r o u n d and bring the N pole slowly up to the S pole of the magnet on the table. Notice what happens. Try bringing the S pole u p to the N pole of the magnet on the table and notice what happens. Bring the N pole up to the N pole and again notice what happens.

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