By Chengdi Liu

ISBN-10: 7538160663

ISBN-13: 9787538160666

This publication covers fifty impressive homes outfitted lately, from villas to apartments, every one shining with its personal brilliance.

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Library 04. living room 05. deck 06. swimming pool 07. garden 08. dinning room 09. courtyard 10. china closet 11. wine storage 12. lunch room 13. kitchen 14. sentry box 15. service patio 16. dog-house 17. air-conditioner room 18. gallery 19. bathroom 20. pantry 21. bedroom 22. office 23. hometheater 24. dressingroom 25. playroom 26. gym 27. technical area 26 25 solarium 0 1m 3m 6m 9m 10ft 20ft 30ft PLAN second floor scale 1:200 0 31 变形别墅 Location: Quito, Ecuador Designer: Jose María Sáez, David Barragán Photographer: Raed Gindeya, Jose María Sáez Completion date: 2006 项目地点:厄瓜多尔 基多 设计师:荷西·玛利亚·萨埃,大卫·巴拉甘 摄影师:拉伊德·金德亚,荷 西·玛利亚·萨埃 完成时间:2006年 Pentimento House A concrete platform serves as its foundation and adapts to the topography bypassing the trees or incorporating them.

The lower western box became the living zone with the upper eastern box to contain the master bedroom, bathroom, second bedroom and kitchen. 获奖情况: 2006年意大利竞赛 建筑师挑战这个标准的外伸屋顶,将其改造成富有不同结构的可利用的空间。外面,一堵矮墙 可以通向屋顶,下面还有一个半遮的凉棚,和一个客厅南面延伸出来的长阳台。原房屋有两个 “翅膀”,处于不同的屋顶平面上。设计师从构成“T”字形的简单结构开始,使朝南的阳台有 了足够的外部空间。西面是居住区,东面是主卧室、浴室、次卧室和厨房。 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 拥抱我吧,西莉亚! Location: Viechtach, Germany Designer: Hai Merlin Studio Photographer: Edward Beierle, Gero Wortmann Completion date: August 2008 项目地点:德国 维希塔赫 设计师:海默尔林建筑设计工作室 摄影师:爱德华·拜尔勒,格罗·沃特曼 完成时间:2008年8月 Harbour me, Celia!

On the one hand the living spaces should appear as monolithically as possible and should have very good thermal properties. On the other hand, the history of the Bavarian Forest is connected to the production of glass. A very special landscape characteristic that points out this tradition is the “Pfahl” – the pile – an underground quartz ridge, that comes to the surface near Viechtach town. Foam glass concrete is a very light and still very stable material, whose coefficient of thermal conductivity is between 0,12 and 0,38 w/(m k) and therefore can also be used as thermal insulation.

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