By Anthony Tromba

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One of the main trouble-free questions in arithmetic is whether or not a space minimizing floor spanning a contour in 3 area is immersed or now not; i.e. does its spinoff have maximal rank in all places.

The function of this monograph is to give an user-friendly facts of this very basic and gorgeous mathematical outcome. The exposition follows the unique line of assault initiated by means of Jesse Douglas in his Fields medal paintings in 1931, specifically use Dirichlet's strength rather than quarter. Remarkably, the writer indicates how one can calculate arbitrarily excessive orders of derivatives of Dirichlet's strength outlined at the countless dimensional manifold of all surfaces spanning a contour, breaking new flooring within the Calculus of adaptations, the place in most cases in simple terms the second one by-product or version is calculated.

The monograph starts with effortless examples resulting in an evidence in a lot of instances that may be offered in a graduate direction in both manifolds or complicated research. hence this monograph calls for in basic terms the main uncomplicated wisdom of research, complicated research and topology and will consequently be learn via virtually a person with a uncomplicated graduate education.

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Probably the most basic questions in arithmetic is whether or not a space minimizing floor spanning a contour in 3 house is immersed or no longer; i. e. does its by-product have maximal rank all over. the aim of this monograph is to give an common evidence of this very basic and gorgeous mathematical outcome.

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Re ! m2 ! 7) which can be calculated explicitly; it will be shown that E (L) (0) = 2 · m! 2 ) Re(2πi · κ · Rm ! m2 ! 8) where κ is the number κ := i L−1 (a − ib)L (m − 1)2 (m − 3)2 . . 9) if the generator τ = φ(0) is chosen as τ (w) := (a − ib)w−2 + (a + ib)w2 . 10) For a suitable choice of (a − ib) one obtains E (L) (0) < 0. Furthermore the construction will yield E (j ) (0) = 0 for 1 ≤ j ≤ L − 1. Before we carry out this program for general n ≥ 3, m ≥ 4, n = odd, m = even, we explain the procedure for the simplest possible case: n = 3 and m = 4.

Assume that f had poles, say, f (w) = g(w) + h(w), aj w −j , h = holomorphic in B, g(w) = j ≥1 and h ∈ C 0 (B). 5, {2H [Re if ]}w (w) = g ∗ (w) + h (w), g ∗ (w) := −i j a j wj −1 . j ≥1 Thus, I = 12 · {I1 + I2 + I3 }, with I1 := Re g ∗ g dw, S1 I2 := Re h g dw, S1 I3 := Re S1 (g ∗ h + h h) dw. The worst term is I1 ; one obtains I1 = Re (−ij a j wj −1 a w− ) dw = 2π S 1 j, ≥1 j |aj |2 > 0 j ≥1 and I3 = 0. Hence, in order to achieve I = 0, one would have to balance I2 against I1 > 0 which seems to be pretty hopeless.

60) and for any nonplanar, real analytic, closed Jordan curve the cut number c(Γ ) is finite. 8 The index m of any interior branch point of a minimal surface Xˆ ∈ C(Γ ) is bounded by 2m + 2 ≤ c(Γ ). 61) If n is the order and m the index of some branch point, then 1 ≤ n < m. On the other hand, c(Γ ) = 4 implies m ≤ 1, and c(Γ ) = 6 yields m ≤ 2. 1 (i) If c(Γ ) = 4 then every minimal surface Xˆ ∈ C(Γ ) is free of interior branch points. (ii) If c(Γ ) = 6 then any minimal surface Xˆ ∈ C(Γ ) has at most simple interior branch points of index two; if Xˆ has an interior branch point, it cannot be a weak minimizer of D in C(Γ ).

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