By Robert Gardner

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Math and physics usually cross hand-in-hand. Math and measurements have even performed a tremendous function in medical discovery considering the fact that precedent days. Use math and size because the instruments to effectively whole actual technological know-how experiments reminiscent of realizing how great a raindrop is, researching the 1st devices of degree, and extra! Many experiments comprise principles scholars can use for his or her technological know-how reasonable.

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Use a long piece of thin rope or thick string to make a measuring tape with a length of 1 dekameter. You can tie short pieces of colored yarn to your measuring tape at one-meter intervals. Use your measuring tape and meterstick to find the length and width of a soccer field. What other lengths would it be convenient to measure with such a measuring tape? 0 hectometer? To measure a kilometer? Save your measuring tape and meterstick for measurements you may want to take later. Science Fair Project Ideas There are 60 minutes in each degree of arc.

What is the slope (rise ÷ run) for this graph? Make several different measurements of the slope. Do all your measurements of the slope agree? What are the units of the slope: grams (g), milliliters (ml), grams per milliliters (g/ml), milliliters per gram (ml/g)? As you discovered, the slope of the graph you made has units of g/ml because in finding the slope you divided mass, in grams, by volume, in milliliters. Furthermore, since the graph has the same slope everywhere, the ratio of mass to volume will be the same wherever you choose to measure the slope.

9144 m. S. customary and metric units. In addition to the meter, which is the world’s standard length, SI also includes standard units for mass, time, temperature, electric current, light intensity, and amount of substance. You will encounter some of these units later in this book. Table 3 gives the SI units of linear measure, which are based on the meter. As you can see, it is a decimal system. 1). 3 Metric Measure Materials: sharp pencil 1-foot clear plastic ruler marked with inches and centimeters paper various objects calculator meterstick or long stick and clear tape long piece of thin rope If you are not familiar with SI (metric) units of length, a few minutes with a meterstick will help you to understand how simple and logical these units of measure are.

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