By Kalen Delaney

ISBN-10: 0735609985

ISBN-13: 9780735609983

In complex Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000, authors Itzik Ben-Gan and Thomas Moreau discover the robust services of Transact-SQL (T-SQL). Ben-Gan and Moreau supply strategies to universal difficulties encountered utilizing all models of SQL Server, with a spotlight at the most modern model, SQL Server 2000.Expert information and genuine code examples train complicated database programmers to jot down extra effective and better-performing code that takes complete good thing about T-SQL. The authors supply functional suggestions to the standard difficulties programmers face and contain in-depth details on complicated T-SQL themes equivalent to joins, subqueries, kept tactics, triggers, user-defined capabilities (UDFs), listed perspectives, cascading activities, federated perspectives, hierarchical buildings, cursors, and extra.

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Old−Style Two−Way Right Outer Joins If you want to preserve all rows from the Departments table, you can simply write a right outer join query. Listing 1−17 shows how to achieve this using the old−style syntax. deptno The output of this query is shown in Table 1−8. 00 deptno 100 200 300 400 400 400 deptname Engineering Production Sanitation Management Management Management Jeffrey disappeared again because his row is now in the unpreserved table and it doesn't have a match in the Departments table.

Although correlated subqueries are the most common, you'll start with nested subqueries in this section and then later build on your experience with them to create correlated subqueries. Creating Nested Scalar Subqueries Nested scalar subqueries are those subqueries that return a single row and column in their result set. Thus, they can be used just about anywhere that a scalar value can be used. This allows you flexibility in your code. You do not have to hard−code a value into your WHERE clause, which would limit the query to just that criterion.

Old−Style Two−Way Left Outer Joins Let's write a query in the old−style syntax that produces employee and department information, preserving all rows from the Employees table, even if there are no matching departments, as Listing 1−14 shows. deptno The output of this query is shown in Table 1−7. 00 deptno 400 200 100 400 400 NULL deptname Management Production Engineering Management Management NULL Notice that now Jeffrey appears in the output even though there is no match for his department in the Departments table because his row comes from the pre− served table.

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