By Jackson Mwakali

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ISBN-13: 9780080555683

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This was particularly reported by those with solid wall fences where the fences acted as walls blocking the air movement in or out the enclosed space. Other adverse effects which were reported that arose from fences were boundary disputes. e. in cases where fences were used to demarcate two properties of deferent owners. Observers were the most affected by the visual link and resulted street created by fences. Findings during interview session was that out of ten respondents, (50%) said that high and solid fences created a sense of fear.

9 The triggering of works has been extended to allow the combination of AND/OR logic operators. 9 Works can now be scheduled to occur in set years rather than just periodically. 9 The user is no longer constrained to select a trigger attribute from a pre-defined list. In fact any trigger can be used with any work type. 2 User-Interface for Defining Investment Alternatives The user interface for the definition of analysis alternatives has been redesigned to reduce the number of dialogs and buttons involved, to improve navigation through the alternatives in a familiar style, and to give improved view to the user.

2 Traffic Levels The economic viability of most road investment projects will depend significantly on the traffic data used. However, it is difficult to obtain reliable estimates of traffic and to forecast future growth rates, (TRRL, 1988). Thus sensitivity analysis should be carried out, both of baseline flows and of forecast growth. In HDM-4, traffic is considered in three categories as normal, diverted and generated. Baseline flows are specified separately for motorised transport (MT) and for non-motorised transport (NMT) in terms of the annual average daily traffic (AADT) by vehicle type.

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