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Growing to be up, Alexander Graham Bell used to be thinking about track, speech, and sounds. He labored challenging to invent issues that may not just aid people with impaired listening to, but in addition convey humans jointly in new and distinctive methods. What he did not recognize used to be that his easy idea--to aid humans communicate--would switch the realm whilst he invented the phone.

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Aleck hoped to marry Mabel. Aleck kept working on the telegraph. But he also had a new idea. 34 35 Aleck wanted to make a machine that let people talk over wires. He knew that air changes when sounds move through it. Vibrations make waves of sound in the air. Maybe sound waves could also change an electrical current. If they could, spoken words could be sent over a wire. Aleck and Watson began to work on a talking machine, too. For months, they tried connecting wires in different ways. They built new kinds of transmitters.

March 10, 1876 Aleck and Watson were hard at work. Watson was downstairs working on a receiver. Aleck was upstairs. He was working with the transmitter. 42 A pile of tools, wires, and battery acid surrounded him. Suddenly, Aleck spilled some acid. The acid burned. Aleck cried out, “Mr. Watson, come here! ” He forgot that Watson was too far away to hear him. 43 To Aleck’s surprise, Watson came running upstairs. He burst into the room. “Mr. ” he said. ” Aleck forgot all about his burns. He and Watson spent the night talking on their machine.

He asked. “Don’t change a thing. ” Watson said the transmitter had jammed. He had tried to f ix it. He had moved the part that was stuck, and a “twang” sound came over the wire. 39 40 Aleck and Watson tried sending the sound over and over again. It worked. Quickly, Aleck drew a picture. It showed his new design for the talking machine. Now he knew it was possible for voices to travel on wires. Aleck and Watson decided to spend all their time on the talking machine. Aleck stopped teaching for a while.

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