By Don Herweck

The fundamental rules of mechanical engineering are Isaac Newton's 3 legislation of movement concerning strength, acceleration and deceleration, and activities and reactions. operating with those easy principles, ultra-modern engineers proceed to create innovations that make our lives more uncomplicated.

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If environment-induced methylome adaptation is happening in nature, it’s certainly not common, says Martienssen. “Personally I think it will be found, but obviously it will be rare. ” That said, the environment doesn’t have to cause the changes for epigenetic mechanisms to be a driver of evolutionary change, he adds. “We know that epigenetic variation exists. ” Schmitz says that some of this variation can be chalked up to user error. “Plants work really hard to maintain methylation, and they’re pretty good at it, but there are mistakes that occur,” he says.

Hailing Jin, who studies plant immunity at the University of Cali- gens. In 2015, a team in China designed transgenic wheat plants that produced RNAs targeting essential genes in two fungal pathogens, Fusarium head blight (FHB) and Fusarium seedling blight. 3 “This is an area we’re definitely watching,” says John Pitkin, the Global Disease Management Lead at Monsanto. “It clearly looks like there’s movement of RNA between plants and fungi through the expression of transgenes. ) Despite progress on the biotechnology front, scientists haven’t been able to say definitively that the phenomena they can encourage in the lab occur in nature.

In 1993, one year after McClintock’s death, Martienssen and his colleagues found what they were looking for: the first mutant eukaryote that was defective in DNA methylation. 2 A few years later, he and others demonstrated that transposon activation was increased in DDM1 mutant plants. “Transposons go completely crazy in terms of expression and transposon position,” explains Martienssen, who says that it was gratifying to finally have experimental evidence to support McClintock’s ideas. In the two and a half decades since Martienssen’s brief overlap with the METHYLATION MAINTENANCE Every time a cell divides, it must replicate its genome and its epigenome.

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