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The years from 1934 to 1937 have been a time within which the British Empire used to be faced with the emergence of the triple risk of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy. The objective of British coverage used to be simply outlined: the security and promoting of Britain's tremendous pursuits. whereas Neville Chamberlain and Sir Robert Vansittart agreed at the objective, they disagreed at the skill to accomplish it. Their confrontation stemmed in part from their diversified understandings of the character of the 3rd Reich; Vansittart understood higher than Chamberlain the consequences of Hitler's Weltanschauung. yet their various ideas additionally mirrored the truth that Chamberlain didn't percentage Vansittart's trust within the necessity of pursuing alliance international relations to guard the world-wide safety and pursuits of the British Empire. whereas the leading minister discovered that Britain's difficulties have been international in scope, he inspiration Britain may perhaps remedy each one challenge on a bilateral foundation. In different phrases, Britain should still method Germany, Japan, and Italy on to settle amazing disputes. Vansittart didn't think, even if, that Britain's difficulties might be solved on a bilateral foundation, for the interdependence of occasions in each sector of the globe militated opposed to bilateral solutions.

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On the "Vansittartism" controversy, see Aaron L. Goldman, "Germans and Nazis. The Controversy over 'Vansittartism' in Britain during the Second World War," Journal of Contemporary History 14 (1979): 155-91; and Gregory Walter Kamieniecki "Vansittart and the German Menace 1939-1945" (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, 1987), chaps. 3 and 4. 9. For Vansittart's detailed views on postwar Germany, see discussion held at Chatham House on 20 March 1945 reprinted as Lord Vansittart, "The Problem of Germany," International Affairs 21 (1945): 313-24.

Recognizing that many exceptions persist, he has offered his readers a circumscribed characterization of a generation. "47 It is tempting to adopt Annan's framewoik for analyzing the generational influences on Vansittart's way of thinking, but this broad perspective has glaring limitations. Reconstructing the thoughts of "those who formed opinion" would entail nothing short of an extensive ^examination of the social, political, and cultural context of Vansittart's life, all of which falls properly within the domain of a full-scale biography.

49 Vansittart had a definite view of the circumstances that had led Britain into the Great War and, likewise, of the pohcy needed to prevent the recurrence of similar conditions: [W]e were brought to 1914 by two causes with predictable effect the absence of a known foreign policy and military underestimation of this country abroad... Not only did we keep everyone guessing, until Germany guessed wrong, but there was thought in Europe to be little deterrent on our part to a gamble In a European situation so unfortunately similar, we shall surely do well to avoid a similar course.

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