By Carmella Van Vleet

ISBN-10: 0979226880

ISBN-13: 9780979226885

Exploring every little thing from his groundbreaking medical discoveries and his many beneficial innovations to his profitable occupation as a author and printer, this interactive consultant unearths the lifestyles and occasions of 1 of the main recognized Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. enjoyable actions and compelling biographical details provide younger readers a distinct portrait of 1 of America’s such a lot respected and unique statesmen. specified step by step directions for greater than dozen hands-on initiatives mix with interesting proof and trivialities to offer young ones a accomplished examine the fellow who not just gave us the lightning rod, bifocals, and the put up place of work, yet was once additionally instrumental in securing America’s independence from England. Encompassing Franklin’s lifestyles from formative years to death—and detailing his relationships with ancient figures similar to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson—this guide presents an insightful inspect colonial the United States, whereas educating young ones tips on how to create their very own thermometer, letterpress, or Liberty Bell.

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That’s why a lot of people living there wanted independence from England. Since the British wouldn’t allow the colonists to make their own coins and didn’t ship many coins over to America, there was a shortage of money. This was a real problem for the colonists who were trying to build a country because there wasn’t an easy way to pay for goods or services. Sometimes they used tobacco leaves to pay for things or they used a bartering system. Ben Franklin believed paper currency was the answer. He had noticed the advantages of paper money while living in 45 Ama zing B e n Fr an kli n In v e n t i on s London.

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