By T. C. and Kurt Benirschke Hsu

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ISBN-13: 9781461564287

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Manhattan 1967-1971 Springer. four thardcover hree ring binders. quarto. One binder--Table of Contents and Cumulative Index for quantity 1-6; One binder of Folios for Primates in Volumes 1-5; One binder of non-Primate Folios in Volumes 1-5; One binder for quantity 6 (Primates and non-Primates). backbone label on index quantity. Volumes 1-6 and index quantity in four binders:

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Identification of the Y is unequivocal. The karyotypes are gifts of Dr. D. s. Borgoankar, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The specimens were collected in Madagascar. Bone marrows were used for cytological preparations. : Insectivora Cytogenetics. ), Springer-Verlag, New York, 1969. Order: INSECTIVORA Family: TENRECIDAE Centetes ecaudatus 2n=38 I I I II II I Xa I ,. XV I X X Volume 4, Folio 153, 1970 Order: INSECTIVORA Family: TENRECIDAE Microgale dobsoni 2n=30 Volume 4, Folio 154, 1970 Order: Family: INSECTIVORA TENRECIDAE Microgale dobsoni 2n=30 AUTOSOMES: 24 Metacentrics, submetacentrics and subtelocentrics 4 Acrocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Small acrocentric It is not easy to positively identify the X chromosomes by morphology alone, but the Y is the smallest element of the complement.

The results are similar to those of Chang et al. , Pickworth, s. , 1969. Order: LAGOMORPHA Family: LEPORIDAE Lepus americanus (Snowshoe hare) 2n=48 Xy I • X X Volume 4, Folio 161, 1970 Order: RODENTIA Family: SCIURIDAE Sciurus vulgaris (Hokkaido squirrel) 2n=40 Volume 4, Folio 162, 1970 Order: Family: RODENTIA SCIURIDAE Sciurus vulgaris (Hokkaido squirrel) 2n=40 AUTOSOMES: 34 Metacentrics, submetacentrics and subtelocentrics 4 Acrecentries SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Acrocentric A nurober of chromosome pairs are similar in morphology so that pairing is rather subjective.

They were stored in Texas Technological University Museum, Lubbock, Texas, USA. When the karyotypes of the species are compared with those of L. seminolus (Vol. 3, Folio 106), it is obvious that the X chromosomes of the fatter are submetacentric. Other differences are also noted. J. : Karyotypes and karyotypic variation of North American Vesperti~ionid bats. J. Mammal. 48:270, 1967. Order: CHIROPTERA Family: VESPERTILIONIDAE Lasiurus intermedius (Yellow bat) 2n=26 .. "" • •• • ·x v X X Volume 4, Folio 158, 1970 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: MOLOSSIDAE Tadarida braziliensis (Mexican free-tailed bat) 2n=48 Volume 4, Folio 159,1970 Order: Family: MOLOSSIDAE CHIROPTERA Tadarida braziliensis (Mexican free-tailed bat) 2n=48 AUTOSOMES: 6 Metacentries and submetacentrics 40 Acrocentrics and subtelocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Metacentric Y Acrocentric A number of the "acrocentric" chromosomes have distinct second arm and one pair bears a secondary constriction near the centromere.

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