By V Dotsenko

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Goals to explain purely the hot quarter of statistical mechanics often called spin-glasses, encompassing structures during which quenched illness is the dominant issue.

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But W → 0 at infinity so W = 0 or C1 = C2 as required. 10 Lagrange Multipliers Suppose we wish to minimize (or maximize) a function of two variables f (x, y). The rules of calculus tell us to set the total differential equal to zero: df = ∂f ∂f dx + dy = 0. 184) implies that ∂f =0 ∂x and ∂f = 0. 185) is the correct requirement for an extremum if x and y are independent variables. However, suppose the two variables are constrained by the equation g(x, y) = const. 186) implies that dg = ∂g ∂g dx + dy = 0.

Davis and A. D. Snider, Introduction to Vector Analysis, 7th edition (William C. Brown, Dubuque, IA, 1995). 5 is adapted from M. Abraham and R. Becker, The Classical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism (Blackie, London, 1932), pp. 39-40. 5 Lighthill and Barton discuss the delta function and other generalized functions with clarity and precision. J. Lighthill, Fourier Analysis and Generalized Functions (University Press, Cambridge, 1964). G. Barton, Elements of Green’s Functions and Propagation (Clarendon, Oxford, 1989).

121) in the form ∇2 1 = −4πδ(r). r Solution: In spherical coordinates, ∇2 1 ∂ 1 1 ∂ = 2 r2 =0 r r ∂r ∂r r r = 0. when To learn the behavior at r = 0, we integrate ∇ 2 (1/r) over a tiny spherical volume V centered at the origin. Since dS = r 2 sin θ dθ dφ rˆ and ∇(1/r) = −ˆr/r 2 , the divergence theorem gives 2π d 3r ∇ 2 V 1 = r d 3r ∇ · ∇ V 1 = r dS · − rˆ r2 =− 0 S π dθ sin θ = −4π. 113), these two facts taken together establish the identity. 6 Fourier Analysis Every periodic function f (x + L) = f (x) has a Fourier series representation ∞ f (x) = fˆm ei2π mx/L .

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